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We offer...

-central heating (steam, hot water-powered, warm water-powered, floor-based , hot air-powered , radiant/light and dark radiators/etc.)

-co-generation units

-gas-powered, liquid and solid fuel burning boiler rooms (renewable resources without the output limitation), hot water- powered, warm water-powered, steam-powered

-alternative sources of heat (heat pumps, solar collectors etc.)

-secondary heat distribution systems
(hot-water pipes, warm-water pipes, steam pipes) including the pipes insulated before installation for the installation with no conduits - low pressure and medium pressure industrial gas distribution systems

-gas appliances without the limitation of output
-healthcare equipment (steel, plastic ,copper and stainless steel distribution pipes) including the assembly and mounting on the piece equipped (bath-tubs, mixer taps etc.) from both the local and foreign producers (solely according to the orders of the customers)

- cooling distribution and the equipment for the cooling of buildings

- water supplies (steel, plastic) using both classic and modern installation techniques (welding, gluing)

-food industry and technological distribution pipes (stainless, welding in the protective atmosphere etc.)


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