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Moravská Stavební a Topenářská a.s.
(Moravian Building and Heating joint-stock company)

Our company focuses on the complete supplies in the areas of building industry and heat supplying for the individual and industrial construction projects.
Moravská Stavební a Topenářská a.s. possesses all the necessary certificates and business licenses which combined with the expert team of its employees may be the reason why Moravská Stavební a Topenářská a.s. could be the right choice for You:

-certificate ČSN (Czech index of standards)
ISO 9001: 2001 - covers the realization of the land constructions - issued by the company STAVCERT Praha spol. s r.o. (STAVCERT Prague Ltd. )- valid since the year 2000.

-authorization issued by ITI Prague for the installation, repairs and testing of the selected gas appliances (including the machinery for gas filling, including compression stations, equipment for gas distribution, gas burning devices, inspection of the selected gas appliances)

-authorization issued by ITI Prague for the installation, repairs, maintenance and production of the low-voltage switchboards, inspections of the selected electrical devices (for the distribution and consumption of the electric energy up to the level of 1000 V including the inspections of the devices designed for the protection against the effects of the atmospheric electricity.)

- business license for the realization of the constructions, their alterations and demolition.

-business license for designing in the area of building industry etc.

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